level High school
Book: “A Farewell to Arms” be ernest hemmingway

Is a Farewell to Arms a “study of doom” as it has sometimes been called?
How are the realizations Frederick Henry makes or his recollections of “the
ants on the burning log” relevant to questions about God, faith, and hope
raised in the novel? What are we led to believe Frederick has learned, or
perhaps becomes resigned to, in this story of love and war?

Please put concrete thesis at and of introductory paragraph. Use direct
quotes from the book to support commentary and please site by page number.
If possible a a concrete detail should be followed by 2-3 commentary
sentences. This can be a 5 paragraph essay style or the use of several
paragraphs what ever the writer feel will be useful. In a 5 paragraph essay
there is an Intro, 3 body paragraphs(each following one or two ideas, then
a closing paragraph.