It’s an Investigative/Informative Essay based on Female Genital Mutilation.

I need 3-4 data base research sources that I need to have a long with the paper so i can attach them so the teacher can see as well as cited directly in the paper in proper formate.
(In my directions it says ‘No papers will be accepted without copies of research, all ideas, statements and quotations documented in the paper should be highlighted)
I can do the highlighting on my own if need be.


Report to the reader as objectively as possible about the event; incident; controversy; or social and political circumstance or trend which has sparked your curiosity, interest or concern. Examine why it is important for your audience and intelligent citizens of the global community we now live in and seek to discover and explain the cause, effects and implications of its existence.

You may also create a profile of a significant individual connected to the situations we are touching on in our discussions of the Rwanda genocide and the neighboring African countries which have also been impacted by the international communities’ responses to events on that continent. How has this person contributed to the political or economic milieu of which they are a part? How have they special or unique, and in being so, influential and even a role model for you or other?

Allow the readers to make up their own mind about your topic but make sure by the the conclusion you have made some type of intellectual judgement and in your closing remarks you are clear to your reader of where and why the evidence has led you to stand where you do on the issue.