This assignment is for someone doing field work as a Media Specialist. There are three section, listed below which reach question needs to be responded to. Just make the responses sound good, ill try to give you all the info you will need. Some you will have to do some research on. If you do not know how to respond to one of them, just look up some examples online and base you answer on that.

For each section, I will give you the info I feel you will need to respond to each question. Also, looking the info up online should be easy as well. And if you totally not sure, you can always email me or just write something that sounds good.

For some of you answers you can go to the school website:

There you will find the location, the mission statement, mission for the district.

In terms of the library program, just know that its a small library, none of the books are in order, they have not been able to order new books for the past 5 years. They do have a smartboard, and a check out system with a computer.

For the first section of your project, you’ll write about the following:
-the school (location, grades, facilities etc)
-the students (ages, ranges, demographics)
-the library
-the library program as it is right now, including existing programs, strengths and weaknesses
-district itself
-mission for district
-mission for the school

For section 2, you can look up the state standards for New jersey online. For the school curriculum go to the website. For special populations, they mean kids with special needs. Just look up info online.

Section 2:
What is information literacy
What information literacy skills are needed and appropriate for each age group in your school (hint: get this from the state standards)
What information literacy skills are needed for special populations (and what considerations are there for these groups)
Where in the school curriculum do library skills play a part in student learning

For section 3, the project will be a “Readers Theater” program. Look up the specifics online, I will be doing the story “Miss Nelson is Missing” They learn lines for a short, 10 min play. There levels are low, about Kindergarten, look up online to what skills they will learn.

I am doing with a special education 3rd grade class

Section 3:
Outlining your project
what students will you work with?
what classroom/teacher support will you need/have?
what is their level (information literacy skills) starting?
what information literacy skills are you working on with them?
How will you determine if they’ve gained these skills?
How are you helping them increase these skills (this is your project

So, that is it, just please respond to each point. I have ordered 6 pages just to give you some room to finish each point. If you need more pages, just let me know, I will order more. O gave you a bit on info for each section, the school website, for anything else, just research online for jersey. And if your not sure, just write something that sounds good.

Please email me if you have any questions.