Please refer to Dissertationguidelineforfirstpart. uploaded word document for content format and guide. 3 subheadings to be included 1. Purpose Statement. 2. Introduction 3. Statement of the research Problem.


Is there a figure or multiple figures in the novel that you think that could be a guide like a psychotherapist can be to a young man? Do an in depth Hermeneutic analysis where the audience would be psychotherapists working with young men. The intention is to offer psychotherapists working with young men an imaginal way of seeing the therapy process as informed by archetypal figures of Les miserables. Giving them a new way of thinking on how to work with young male clients. You can also include your own experience as a psychotherapist heuristically. Ideas can be taken from alchemy and other Psychoanalytic theories beside Jungian.

The Question for the dissertation:

A Hermeneutical/Heuristic Qualitative Dissertation. What my introduction would establish, address the first question “Who in Victor Hugo’s novel, Les Miserables acts as a psychopomp into the underworld?” and then you would go on: “How can these soul guides from Les Miserables inform psychotherapists guiding young men seeking initiation or guide them through the underworld? His fictional characters are soul guides. By the end of the introduction identify 4 or 5 of them (Jean Valjean, M.Myriel/the priest who helps Jean Valjean turn over a new leaf, Cosette, Fantine, (Marius and Cosette-The Lovers, Javert. How can this inform psychotherapist working w/ young men?

My personal transference to the dissertation study:

As a senior in high school, I was assigned to read Les Miserables and was deeply touched by the characters in the novel. I identified with Jean Valjean, the criminal who had survived abusive treatment as a result of the negative patriarchal system that oppressed and cast him away which I think is embodied by the character Javert in Les Miserables. I was wounded as a result of an abusive father and I too was often treated as a criminal in school and in my neighborhood. I my emotional state was a mess which I think is perfectly symbolized in the character of Fantine (the wounded neglected anima of a man).
My high school instructor, Mr. Castle (an embodiment of the priest in Les Miserbles) however was very supportive of me and did not treat me as a reject. He was unconditional. However I was still lost and could not find my way out of my depression and hatred toward others, until I underwent a spiritual initiation by a female meditation Master, Ching Hai (and embodiment of the Priest in LesMiserables). It was there that my heart opened up and I was able to change my ways and connect and pay more attention to my feelings which is what I think Cosette embodies for Jean Valjean.

Throughout the novel, Marius and Cosette fall in love and get married. This to my is the expression of the inner marriage between the feminine and masculine in a man.

With the adolescent males that I’ve worked with in therapy, each of these archetypal figures are prominent in the therapy and for healthy male development and individuation.

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