Class:International Relations
Topic:Cuba”s Fidel Castro
Need a brief detail of Castro”s rise to power.
U.S. early involvement,interests,Relations with Cuba/Castro.
Discuss the Truth to why our(U.S) government dislikes Cuba”s Castro(International Relations)
Events such as the bay of Pigs and Cuba missle crisis should be intergrated into essay as some of the reasons of conflict between the two nations.
Has Castro been good or bad for Cuba. Discuss both sides,but focusing more on him being Good/Positive for Cuba!(the info i”m faxing discusses him as being good for Cuba).
Integrate all the above into a well developed research/analysis of Cuba”s Castro, and Cuban-U.S relations.
Please include parenthetical citations throughout essay where needed. for example (Keen 39). Proper MLA format! Bibliography/works cited,etc.
also, will my paper arrive on the 17th? i need it by then.
Please send/e-mail me copies of sources used! thanks.

There are faxes for this order.