Directions: Choose one of the following topics to write an argumentative style paper. You will need to develop a strong thesis and support it with aspects from the reading (Federalist Papers). Formulating a close reading and analysis of the article(s) is the purpose of this essay.

Topic #1 – Closely analyze the language of Madison in Federalist 51. Why does he place so much emphasis on Congress and the division power? What are his justifications?

Topic #2 – Has the office of The Presidency exceeded the vision of Hamilton in Federalist70? Explain Hamilton’s interpretation on the constitutional design for the executive branch. Are all his points applicable to today? If so, in what way? If not, provide specific examples.

Topic #3 – Discuss the importance of Hamilton’s Federalist 78 on the overall development of the Judiciary branch established in Article III of The Constitution. What specific parts of this work are present in The Constitution and which parts are not? What of Hamilton’s concern “the power of judgment?”

Looking for 3 things
1. Thesis – Be concise and specific.
2. Evidence – Provide proof.
3. Analysis – Explain significance of evidence or quote.

Can be written in third person or first person narration.

The Federalists Papers can be found here: and throughout the web.

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