I need to develop a creer mission and specific careergoals following the instrucyions:
1.. Formulate a mission statement. The mission statement is a vision of what I might accomplish in my career, my moral values and the principles and values that will guide my professional activities. The mission should include a picture of key accomplishment I would like to accomplish in my career.
2. Formulate a set of specific, measurable, achievable but difficult, realistic and time-based goals that will implement my mission over the first five years after graduation. My goals should include both (a) rewards to include job title, industry, salary goal and (b) achievements and accomplishments. My goals must include a description of the one industry in which I expect to have in five tears.
3. My mission and goal statement should include a description of informational interview I pursue. The description should include a discussion of how I obtained the informational interview (“cold call informational interview”).
The paper must be based on the book “What Color Is Your Parachute” by Richard n. Bolles.
MY MISSIN IS TO WORK IN THE INDUSTRIAL PSYCHOLOGY FIELD IN 5 YEARS and to work with few industries. In addition, to start working in the fashion design field. It based on my values: having a great satisfaction from helping people to improve themselves mentally, interpersonally. And solve problems and dilemmas. Also, I want to fulfill the creative side of me by both finding creative ways to solve problems and enhance in life, and invent and materialize my fashion ideas.