Create a selection of 10 typed full daily entries describing the overall experience at the Cannes Film Festival. Write entries which you think best represent the experience of both film viewing and the general atmosphere of the festival, and which capture the diversity and richness of that experience. Some of these should include entries on our meetings with speakers from the industry, Billy Goldberg, Rick Hess, Lorraine Carrady Quinn, and Jeff Berg, all of who were not only excellent speakers but presented very different views and perspectives on the industry, from festivalprogramming, production, financing and rights acquisition, to theatrical exhibition.

These entries, about 250 word in length, do not need to be as analytical and in-depth as your paper, but should still move beyond the obvious and trivial. Avoid submitting entries on films which you have chosen to write your paper on. The idea is that your paper together with your journal should represent as accurately as possible your festivalexperience as a whole.