Academic level: Further Education College – taking courses and exams to gain admission to University in September.
Course: AS Film Studies
Assignment: Macro analysis of the production of meaning and spectator response.
Task aim – written analysis: choose 10 – 15 minute sequence or two 7 minute sequences from a film or films of your choice, analyse or compare how:-
Genre and narative in film noir 1)creates meaning and understanding for the audience 2) generates response in the audience.
Objective: pose an appropriate question that you can answer in your essay to adddress the above assessment requirements.
e.g. How does your knowledge of genre and narrative style help your understanding and involvement with ‘The Last Seducttion’ or How important is film noir and its conventions to your understanding and involvement with ‘The Last Seduction’
Make sure you: Refer to a specific sequence of the film to discuss your points: Illustrate points with examples from that sequence: always refer back to the conventions of your film genre: Discuss how your example is either similar or dissimilar – how have things adapted or changed or stayed the same – to the original genre: Discuss your personal response, involvement pleasure and understanding of your films sequence/genre: Discuss how your response may be typical or not of an audience response to your sequence genre: At all times make references to other relevant films to help your argument.

I wrote an essay already. It was returned to me with the comment ‘Neo Noir required. Re-do’ Couldn’t find the tutor to discuss and now there is no time. Final submissions have to be Tuesday morning British time so I need to have this MOnday evening, our time to go over it.

You have to use ‘The Killing’ Stanley Kubrick 1952. The sequence to focus on in The Killing is the one that starts at the race track when the commentator is announcing the start of the fifth race. You need to mention The Asphalt Jungle which is also a heist filmabout a jewellry robbery. The Killing is a racetrack heist. You need to refer to some neo noir films. ‘Heat’ would be a good one but whatever.

I will email the essay I wrote. You can change the question posed to a better one. I couldn’t think of anything very good and I know that the whole thing is not up to scratch. Thanks.