Short Description

“Art and Culture on the Internet” is an intensive study of key art and cultural institutions using the internet for research and seminar dialogue. We use the internet to study how the internet is influencing art and culture. We will see the ways art and culture intersect on the internet by studying MOMA, MET, MTV, PBS, and many other conventional and alternative sites. Through forum dialogue, individual and group assignments, and a final project students will have an intensive experience of contemporary art and culture in order to better understanding their impact on wider social issues.

Course Description

Art and Culture converge in the world of museums, galleries, film festivals, and related television award programs.(For instance, online Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum, Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, Leo Castelli, Mary Boone, Gagosian Gallery, Rhizome, Turbulence, and Artnet, PBS, MTV and BBC, NPR, CNN, And Pacific Radio Networks, etc.) We will attempt to answer the following questions- What is the difference between art and culture? When does art become culture? What is the impact of culture on wider society? How has the internet changed the creation, dissemination, and selling of art and culture? To do this we will study how museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions are using the internet to present the Institution and collections to the wider public. We will then visit some of the galleries and museums in New York metropolitan region that are studied online. We will also study alternative structures often developed by artist collectives. The goal is to quickly learn about trends in contemporary art and culture while considering how the internet changes the commercial, aesthetic, and conceptual structure for both.

Course Objectives

Students will use online resources to study the intersections of art, culture, and the internet in relationship to contemporary society. Students will learn communication skills required for effective postings to forum, creation of online power point presentations. They will learn about the recent history of ways that art and culture have blurred in American society. Students will also research international art sites that might present other ways to think about local issues. Through extensive study of major museum, gallery, film festivaland other websites students will become aware of current trends that can be analyzed in relationship to changes in cultural attitudes and values. By considering the financial and commercial structures for art and cultural industries, students will become more familiar with economic realities and philosophical imperatives facing both fields.

The project must based on the above themes.

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