Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay for the situation noted below (My size shoes)
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?My size shoes?
I wear a size 2 ? -3 children?s shoe, adult size conversion a size 4. I receive plenty of catalogs luring me into stores that specialized in ?my size.? Upon arrival in very store that specialties in small feet there appears to be a very limited quality. However, their advertisements say something different.

There are two stores in the King of Prussia Mall that specializes in hard to find shoe sizes. I am a frequent shopper in both stores. My quarrel with the stores is their falseadvertising. Whenever I seek assistant for a particular shoe of interest, I receive the same response, ?sorry we don?t have your size, but we can order them.? Ordering is additional cost plus, you have to purchase the items up front. Now, if the shoe doesn?t fit, you have the option to return them and/or order another size, here again, ?additional? cost.

Their advertisement doesn?t note that. Their advertisement strictly pinpoints the vast amount of selections and styles for the ?hard too find sizes.? The first and second time it was just a consequence. The third, fourth, five and more? reveal the under hidden faulty advertisement.

Another disagreement about the stores, the smaller sizes rarely has sales and appears to be much higher in price. Now, if the shoe is smaller, it would make sense that the cost and material to make would be less (cost wise.) I buy much more than the average shoe sizes and of course the smaller sizes are ?famous? designer so I pay the cost for the label as well. My intentions are not to buy the ?designer wear?, but that appears to be the only makers, prime example: Via Spiga boots run about $180-220. That?s outrageous! But if I don?t want Elmo and company boots, I have to pay the cost. Prices of $100 and up go for heels and sandals as well. . If just seems unfair?. Feels like punishment for having smaller feet.

None the less, these specialized stores for ?hard to find shoes?, is not what it appears to be. There are online stores that specialize in my size shoes, but there are shipping and handling fees involved not to mention return costs if the shoe doesn?t fit.