This essay is midterm essay.
Each question should be 2 pages. I have two questions, so total should be 4 pages ( double-spaced). You must support and illustrate your answer with examples from the articles, readings(textbooks), films and lectures (I uploaded already about lecture and article parts). Bring AS MUCH EVIDENCE to bear for your position as possible. When appropriate use terms learned in class, but be sure to explain what a term means the first time you use it. Also, be sure to properly cite all arguments that are not your own.

Topic (Each of them should be 2 pages):
1. Define the ?labor question? in the American labor movement. Explain its origins, components, and whether or not it still has continued relevance. Give some illustrative evidence (drawing from lecture, course readings, films, and section discussions) of if/how this question has been resolved historically.

2. What role have racism, sexism, and xenophobia played in the history of the labor movement? How can unions overcome racism, sexism, and xenophophia among their members?

IMPORTANT: Please make on time (Feb/8th/2012 8:00 A.M. EST)

1. Hard Work: Remaking the Amearican Labor Movement by Rick Fantasia and Kim Voss
2. The Big Squeeze by Steven Greenhouse (Only Chapter 1,2,5, and 7)