I have chosen the tale that I am going to download for you. Use the Akhtamar fairy tale and write a presentation on the tale or a specific motif. that interests you. write the motif in the tale using Stith Thompson, Motif Index. Use the following references. Von Franz’s books 1980, the psychological meaning of redemption motifs in fairy tales on these. the paper should reflect that you have read the required reading and should present a broad beginning understanding of the relevance of fairy tale. Use the references below to


1. Von Franz, ML 1996: interpretation of fairy tales.
2. Von Franz, ML 1980. The pscyhological meaning of redemption motifs in fairy tales.
3. Von Franz 1993. the golden ass of apuleius
5. Von Franz1999. Archetypal dimensions of the psyche
6. von franz 1995 shadow and evil in fairy tales
4. Jung, CG the archetypes and the collective unconsious. In the collected works of CG Jung, vol 9i Princeton
7/ Frazer J. G 2009 The golden bough: a study in magic and religion. Oxford: Oxford university press.

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