Throughout this course, we have examined many key issues effecting women?s lives from a transnational perspective. We have learned that women?s lives across the globe have influenced and interacted with each other through historical processes of colonization and present day processes of globalization. For your final paper, respond to the following prompt in an essay format.

Research ONE of the following examples of a successful feminist movement or organization challenging globalization and then answer the questions below.


1. what are the circumstances/ background that gave rise to the movement or organization?
2. What kinds of strategies of resistance has the movement or organization developed?
3. What are some of the obstacles the movement or organization faces?
4. Why do you consider this movement or organization to be feminist?

Paper should be well researched, proof read, coherent and include a refrences/ bibliography page. You can use as many of the course materials as you would like but need at least 3 libraray sources such as peer reviewed journal articles or books.