I need a comparative essay of two early 20th century artists: Henri Matisse and Georgia O?Keeffe. The paper needs to contrast and compare these two artists and how they approach their art. The paper needs to focus on the ?bigger picture? of these two famous artists, and how they create their art, then by way of way of example please be certain to reference two paintings each from each of the artists to include in the essay as supportive examples in the analysis of each painter. One painting for example from O?Keeffe can be ?The Orchid? and an example for Matisse can be ?The Woman With the Hat? Remember this is an analysis of the artists and the way they do their art so the paintings are support within the analysis. This should be a scholarly paper written at the level of a Master?s degree student utilizing an interesting thesis, followed by the analysis and then an interesting conclusion logically and interestingly relating back to the thesis statement in the 1st paragraph.
Important: Research to be used must be scholarly museum type websites and or printed material. No Wikipedia for example. Good Source the ?Metropolitan Museum of Art?; for one example.