write a well-developed exemplification essay on one of the following topics:

? A computer/tech invention that will probably shape this century
? A business concept that has changed history
? An unusual study technique
? Ethical practices in business
? Sustainable development
? Democracy in the digital age
? Data security and privacy
? Information technology’s effect on society
? Henrik Ibsen said, “The majority is always wrong.”
? A risk that paid off

Your essay, which must demonstrate your understanding of the exemplification essay, will be graded using the following scale:

Essay clearly demonstrates the concept of exemplification

Clear thesis statement/purpose for essay

Paragraph development (includes thesis support, topic sentences,
and paragraph unity/coherence)

Organization of essay (including transitions)

Use of language (includes grammar and punctuation)

You may use outside sources if you document them using APA format, or you may write this essay based entirely on your knowledge/experience.