Exegesis Paper, Focus of this paper is to gain an understanding of what the Bible says about homosexuality. Pick a Bible verse and go off of that. this is not an application paper. This should be strictly biblical. I would prefer the paper to take a stance on homosexual relationships are ok when they loving relationships and not lustful or raping relationships if possible. Some sorces that might be of some help, Word Biblical comentary, Tyndale commentaries, NICOT?NICNT, New Interpreters Bible, Ancor Bible, Old testement library, new testament library, evenangelicals concerned~ website, epositors. Journal articals can be used. the internet is not encouraged for the most part. Use exegetical commentaries, also look to see what non evengelicals have to say. Try to use books that would be found in this library http://www.oakhills.edu/academics/cummings-library you can search them without a user name or password but you cant read the books on here.
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