The document should be written as an essay and will consider the impact of
enlargement and outreach on the development of the European Union’s European
Security and Defence Policy and on the recipient states themselves.
Relationships with Turkey, Russia and the Ukraine should be considered along
with the Mediterranean dimension. The limits of enlargement and the
inter-institutional impact should also be considered.

The essay should be written in a direct and informative style giving a
balanced view on the impact, both positive and negative, of cooperation.

The essay should be written in English(UK) i.e. British and be structured in
the standard 4-part academic paper format: introduction, main body
(exploration of the subject and discussion of key areas), conclusion and
finally a bibliography. Note if the essay follows the guidelines of the
EssayTown Writing Guide I will be very happy!!

The Essay should include 2-4 footnotes per page (and placed at the bottom of
each page), using the MLA bibliography standard. Full footnoting, rather than
ibid & op cit would be preferred.

Reference material: The following reference material is to be used, although
the researcher may use anything else that he/she considers more appropriate.

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