Topic: Sylvia Plath poem “Daddy”

Thesis: The Poem is an autobiography of her life written in a depressive state of mind. It could almost be categorized as a urology. Her placing it around the imagery of the German control during World War II is related to her feeling of not having control during her life. Much as if she was a jew living in a Nazi state.

Points to emphasize:

Control of her father at an early life
Her love / hatred of her daddy
Her desire to be with him by attempting to commit suicide.
Her finding a replacement for him by marrying Ted Hughes
Her identifying Ted Hughes as a vampire
Her final statement I”m through” as a statement of what is to come – her death.

Site any of the listed critiques for argument or agreement.
Dying is an Art – George Steiner
The Plath Celebration: A Partial Dissent – Irving Howe
Rituals of Exorcism: ” Daddy” – Judith Kroll

It is important to use the follwoing text: All of the listed critiques are available in the book. Also provide all reference materail.

The Norton Introduction to Literature, eigth edition, Jerome Beaty, Alsion Booth, J. Paul Hunter, Kelly J. Mays