I will be sending the Literature Review portion of the paper so that you will be able to see in what direction I headed. Also, I will send the survey results of teachers who work with Emotionally Disturbed students which also has to be included in the Methodology. I do not have a minimum amount of quotations,etc.

The results from the survey are as followed:

* 18 of the 20 teachers describe their students’ diagnosis as Mildy ED.
* 2 of the 20 teachers describe their students’ diagnosis as Severely ED.
* half the students are responding well to their IEP
* Most educators answered that their students need help managing their behavior and feelings.
* Each teacher surveyed felt that most of their students use their diagnosis as an excuse for avoiding responsibility.
* Of the 20 teachers surveyed, only 2 have students who participate in extracurricularactivities.
* Although all the teachers admit to encouraging students to participate in extracurricularactivites, they feel their efforts are in vain.
* 35% of the surveyed educators feel that way too often, their attention is redirected to the ED students.
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