Experiment Guidelines: Is yawning contagious (speaking of human beings). Create an research paper on whether it is contagious or not and why.

Label each section clearly: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, and Discussion

In general, your introduction should set up your study system: why are you performing your study? Why are you interested in the subject? What is its significance? To think of it in another way, plead the significance of your study as if you were applying for money; why should someone care enough in your project to give their precious money to fund it? All of these points should be addressed in a flowing manner, not in this particular order.

Materials and Methods
Pretty straightforward.

Your results section should contain both a figure/table, as well as written results. This may seem repetitive, but the figures are meant to be a graphical representation of your results, and support what your text says.

must include at least one figure or table in your results section. *Describe what your figure is showing*”

Your discussion section is the interpretation of your results: why did you see the results you saw? Were there other factors/variables that could have affected your experimentand results? Relate your results back to your introduction and how you set up your project.

Source citation