Experiment #2: How do you identify yourself? For this experiment, dress in the opposite mode of style

of the way you identify yourself. For example, if you mainly identify yourself as a man, dress up like a

?feminine woman.? Or if you identify yourself primarily as a student, dress up like a professional

employee or a homeless person. Walk around or go about your daily business for 1-2 hours. Make

observations of how you feel, how others treat you, how you act, etc. Write up your report using

relevant sociological theories and concepts


1. This written assignment should be 2 pages, double spaced with 1.25-inch margins.


It is good to have:

1-2 paragraphs explaining/ describing what you did;

**1-2 paragraphs discussing theory (analyze the theory, and describe the relationship between the paper and the theory, please to read the file, it is theory)

**2-3 paragraphs explaining what you saw/ felt and analyzing using theory.

(** means important)