This is 2000 words ADVERTISING essay at MASTER level (including 2 questions, 1000 words for each question). Please read a Microsoft word file which will attach below carefully to see the questions and the suggested solutions from my lecturer as well as some of my personal ideas to write it for me.
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Q1: Corporate social responsibility is now much discussed in terms of corporate communication, including advertising. This topic includes issues that are to do with social issues and the impact of commercial (including marketing) activities. It involves both internal and external relations.
Examine the assertion that social responsibility is a necessary part of internal and external relations functions and is to do with accountability that extends beyond being accountable to shareholders. Include in your examination aspects of being socially responsible with advertising using examples to illustrate.

Q2: According to many observers marketers in the 21st century will use ?Smart Phones? not only to have day-to-day conversations with people generally but in business with key customers. Devices like the iPhone will carry on evolving and this means that business conversations will go beyond the office into the street, the car, the restaurant and will continue to the home. On the consumer side already discussions have continued from the home to the place of work and into the supermarket and right up to the point of consumer choice and purchase decision-making.
Critically assess this view regarding the future of advertising and opportunities for marketers with respect to mobile technology, using examples to illustrate

*Please cite at least 8 sources for each question.