Instructions to students:

For this assignment you are required to explore and reflect upon your learning and development since starting your masters programme. This will enable you to become more conscious of your development needs and strengths and optimise your own development through reflection and action.
The assessment will consist of a reflective practice assignment at the end of the module (100% of final mark). This will consist of the final version of your learning agreement which has been approved by your tutor and a reflective learning statement about the extent to which development objectives have been achieved. The statement should be supported by reference to appropriate learning logs and a portfolio of evidence of the skills and knowledge developed. An action plan for ongoing future development should also be included. (Minimum of 3,000 words.)

The output of this assignment is the documentation of that process in the form of a Reflective Practice Assignment which should contain the following:-

1) Introduction to the theoretical concepts of reflective practice/experiential learning and a commentary and reflection on your initial reactions to PDP. (15% of overall mark)

2) The final version of your Learning Agreement which has been signed off by your module tutor. In your introduction to this agreement, you should provide some justification for the development objectives you have identified. (25% of overall mark)

3) The main body of your work which explores the extent to which you have achieved your development objectives and which is underpinned with relevant academic research. Also, you should use evidence from your learning logs to support what you say and evidence from other sources where you feel this is appropriate. All supporting evidence should be included in an appendix at the end of your statement. (40% of overall mark)

4) An Action Plan for ongoing future development which should indicate strategies and resources required to achieve your future aims. (10% of overall mark)

5) Formal report format is not required but work should be clearly presented and Harvard Referencing protocols adopted throughout the main body of the assignment and in the bibliography. Supporting evidence should be included in an appendix. (10% of overall mark)

See sheet below for assessment criteria/marking sheet

Student ID:
Tutor Feedback
Introduction ??” 15%
? Setting the scene for the assignment
? Introducing concepts of reflective practice, experiential learning
? Commentary and reflection on initial reactions to PDP
Learning Agreement ??” 25%
? SMART objectives for action plan based on evaluation of development to date and analysis of current strengths/weaknesses
? Justification of the most appropriate way to meet development needs, having considered alternate approaches
? At least 3 learning objectives identified
Main Body – 40%
? Discussion of whether the objectives in the Learning Agreement been achieved
? Explanation of any changes to the objectives
? Description of the obstacles and how have they been overcome
? Evidence from learning logs etc
? Analysis supported by appropriate academic references on development areas
? Evidence of how learning strategies have been informed by appropriate research
? Evaluation of personal development in the period
Action Plan -10%
? Evidence of application of ideas to future development
? Relationship to future career/educational objectives
Presentation etc -10%
? Clarity of writing
? Harvard Referencing
? Bibliography
? Supporting evidence in Appendices

Mark awarded: %