My research question is: What are the career paths for teaching artists seeking to deploy into the field of community art and development?

My subthemes are not being addressed… according to my professor.

My theoretical framework is Bruner’s constructivist theory and the conceptual paradigms of Kolbs Experiential Learning theory. If needed (?), the associated theories are Kinesthetic and Embodied Learning.

I have included my Introduction Chapter because it explains why I am conducting an auto-ethnographical research study, etc…

What I need is

a “skeleton” literature review written that meets the initial criteria of an introduction, sub-themes, topic sentences, synthesis of the sources, and my theoretical frameworks/conceptual paradigms addressed.
The writers topics sentences, words, for additional content for me to insert…recommendations of content to insert, and instructions/guidelines on how/where to insert…that’s a lot of insertion, hu?!
I have been using Tom Borrup’s The Creative Community Builder’s handbook, and Ann Markusen’s study as “guides”.
I will send PDF’s and other docs in the emails following this one.
Any sources that I have cited (other than in my IRB are incorrect; I am dyslexic and cited everything wrong.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Anything additional that I can send, please let me know.