Experience and Other Evidence Essay should be 750 – 800 words!!!

The Assignment – Experience and Other Evidence essay

For the Experience and Other Evidence essay, you’ll construct an argument about an issue you can relate to in some specific way by including both your own experience and evidence from research. These two kinds of evidence should mutually inform each other; that is, you should be able to analyze and reflect on your experience through the lens of the research you do, and you should read the research with a critical eye, informed by your own experience. The idea here is that the research should not just be tacked on to a narrative of your experience, but you should use the research to critically consider your experience and develop your argument. Note that other evidence includes the following: authoritative testimony, statistics, and examples (from real events, hypothetical cases, and analogies). You must have a works cited page of at least three sources, and you must specifically refer to all of these in the body of the paper. Remember that you will want to show your reader how your personal experience may count as evidence. Personal narratives may be used to argue about the lessons of our experiences for a particular audience at a particular time.

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