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Please emphasize that Subject should be statewide, but urban. Please be sure to cover and follow these three areas:
Identify Issues
Identify Issues –
Reform ?
Prop 13
Reforms –
Argument –

The following is the instruction for the paper:

An ex-ante analysis of California?s school finance system suggests that it has achieved substantial equity. We have a foundation system that guarantees each district an amount of money (the revenue limit), at a tax rate of one percent of assessed value. The State pays each district the difference between its entitlement and what is raised through the property tax system. Evidence suggests that some 97 percent of the students in the state are located in school districts where general revenue limit revenues are within the Serrano band that today is just over $300 per ADA. Moreover, the state has an extensive categorical grant program that should lead to high levels of vertical equity if the funds are allocated on the basis of need.

Yet, other analyses of California school finance suggest that an ex-post analysis of California?s school finance system leads to the conclusion that there are substantial inequities across the state. The filing of a lawsuit by the ACLU two years ago leads one to suspect that others feel the same way. Moreover, because of California?s low ranking nationally in per pupil spending, many argue that our system does not provide adequate funding for public school children.

What do you think? Does California have an equitable funding system? Also, are the funds available adequate? Or are improvements needed. Draft an 8-10 page paper defending your point. If you feel the system is acceptable as it currently operates, indicate why and provide evidence. If you feel that the system needs to be changed, indicate why, and provide suggestions as to how it can be done.

A critical element in thinking about reform of California school finance is Proposition 13. Since this is a constitutional amendment which is unlikely to be changed in the near (or even distant) future, you must consider current property tax laws and systems as fixed in your effort to reform the finance system. If you feel Proposition 13 should be repealed or modified, you may suggest what changes should be made, and how they would help improve the system, but you must also offer suggestions as to how the system would be designed under the current Proposition 13 property tax system.

What I am after here is your thinking and critical analysis of the current system. Any and all options are possible. Be sure to consider equity, adequacy, and if you want, alternative distribution options such as school based funding.