Hi. I need you to write a Master’s level autobiographical essay for Graduate school. I am an African-American female applying to Howard University, a historically black college. I need to talk about what I can do, in the field of Health, Human Performance and Leisure Studies; with a specialization in Exercise Physiology to help strengthen the African-American Community. What I can give back to the African-American community is important to Howard, since it’s a black college. Below is a sketch of the major events in my personal and academic life. You can add whatever you need to to make my autobiography sound intelligent and interesting-life experiences, challenges-the stuff that an African-American Black Admissions Officer would find intriguing.
I can go through and add/re-add details. If at all possible, this could not be double-spaced (but 1.5)I’d greatly appreciate it. thanks a million.

Natasha Kaleena Jones, 22 year old African-American female currently residing in St. Louis MO. I recieved my
Born in Little Rock AR, 6/8/1982
moved to St. Louis MO at 1 years old. My mom’s job-Southwestern Bell telephone company-transfered to St. Louis so my mom, dad, and I moved. My mom was a billing manger at SouthWestern Bell
My dad had a variety of odd jobs-bus driver, chef at local resteraunts, and a driver for Health South, a rehabilitation facility. He did not graduate from high school.
My dad and I never got a long-he was moody, controlling. My mom was and is my inspiration, my best friend, my sister.
Neither of my parents graduated from college. My mom, finally got her degree in ’93 in buisness. This degree helped her recieve a job promotion.
I grew up in a virtually white middle class surburbs. Racist things were said to us by Whites but I didn’t reflect on the racist too much in my life.

I grew up as an only child, a self-proclaimed introvert who perferred academics, books, and movies to the company of others. I wasn’t atheletic (grew up chubby)or part of any clubs or sports in my elementary years and home life wasn’t so pleasant-my parents fought a lot. I wrote poetry and listened to music to escape. As a result, I am quite a good writer (except when it comes to writing about my self!) and I have a very ecletic musical taste: R&B, trip-hop, rap, classical-about everything except for country music I love)

In high school, I was part of the yearbook and newspaper committees had a decent amount of friends and was voted class psychologist-people always came to me to talk about their problems. I was also a tomboy and found the company of guys much more appealing than females-still do.

I did well in school. I was a mostly A student. I recieved my first C in College.I went to private school all my life except for two years in St. Louis MO (Andrews Academy in elementrary school, St. Elizabeth’s Academy-an all Girl catholic school for high school[had to wear uniforms and all], Haverford College, Meramac College, University of Missouri at St. Louis for undergraduate college. Recieved my BA in Psychology in May 2004.

I’ve work in college as a tutor for Disability Access Services (I still work there) in mostly English and various Psychology courses.

I don’t know what to talk about as far as inspiration or things that have changed me. I majored in psychology because I wanted to have a science background and help others: I want to into Human health performance with a specialization in exercise physiologybecause *I want to learn how to provide information and scientific expertise to enable athletes and coaches to benefit from training, dietary regimes, fitness, injury prevention and to optimize performance in sport. I am interested in devising and supervising health/fitness programs for patients, as well researching the recreational aspects of sport, exercise, and health promotion
*this piece is from my personal statement-please use this as a reference point because they already have this information.

I got into health and fitness after wanting to personally improve on this aspects in my life and after my parents’ illnesses: my father had a heart attack in 1997 and a stroke in 2001. My mother had a heart attack and is left permanetly disabled 2 years ago. I wanted to apply my passion (health/exercise) with science: logically exercise science was the course I wanted to take.