Executive Summary Requirements
Length: 4 pages, in appropriate style reflecting design principles and qualities of good workplace writing.

Executive summaries are comprehensive summaries of other documents (in this case the bibliography) that focus on results. Whereas in the bibliography you wrote about each source individually, in the executive summary, you will synthesize the important points from across your research. The summary should be organized around the results, focusing on trends and patterns you found in your sources, and identifying the ways in which these sources illuminate and explain your topic (for example, through the lenses of history, culture, society, economics or politics). Sources should be clearly identified in the text, but the idea is to go beyond simply reporting what they say (you did that in the bibliography) and begin to see what they say to each other.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY SHOULD: Introduce the topic fully (Green Roofs & Living Walls), using strategies of definition and description
Describe the research methodology ??” what kinds of sources did you examine and how did you find them? What was your criteria for analysis?
Presents a full and meaningful synthesis of the research, draws conclusions, identifies gaps and contradictions.
Organization emphasizes a focus on results and is logical for the contents and purposes of the summary
Research addresses the writer’s views, is synthesized in “conversation with other sources,” and is not simply reported
All sources are fully credited and no questions are raised about authorship
A strong fully developed conclusion supports the points made and echoes the introduction, providing a satisfying end.

I will be uploading an Annotated Bibliography which you will utilize to write the Executive Summary.

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