Executive Summary and PowerPoint Presentation

Executive Summary
This week, you will draft an executive summary that will accompany a brief PowerPoint presentation (more fully described below). An executive summary is usually one-two pages long and condenses the most important points of your final report for a busy executive. Review pages 435-438 in SWW on executive summaries and draft an executive summary of your formal report, summarizing its most important points.
Your supervisor will likely want to know the following information through the executivesummary:

1) What is the purpose of your report?
2) What is the problem presented in your report?
3) Why is this problem important?
4) What solutions to this problem did you propose?
5) What conclusions or recommendations did you reach?

PowerPoint PresentationTo accompanying your executive summary, create a PowerPoint presentation that can best explain your formal report visually. Your presentation should draw on material from Chapter 16. See the model PowerPoint Presentation on pages 730-733 for an example. You need not have more than six-seven slides. Make sure your visuals are easy to see and understand, essential to the presentation, and used effectively.