Please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences in the space below (1000 character maximum).

o I went to do community service in Africa in Ivory Coast while I was studying at Switzerland.

o I was there for 20 days during may.

o At the beginning it was hard to adapt, different people, different culture. We were strangers for them.

o It was hard to communicate with them because we had different languages, but this got me to practice my French and get better in it.

o A normal day at Ivory coast:
-we went to every house to talk to them and invite them to activities we organized.
-we gave them food, and doctors checked them if they had any disease.
-3 days a week we went to an orphanage of mother Theresa of calcuta and helped there. We cleaned the place, fed the children and played with them It was shocking to see them. Some of them were very sick and the others were very sad almost all the time. Every kid had a different story of why they were at the orphanage.

o When they saw us they really enjoyed it. We were people that cared for them and treated them well. They felt someone loved them.

o Great experience, people were very happy to see us

o Very poor people that needed our help

o Personal growth

o Generosity at all times.

o The last thing I did was thinking about myself, being there helped to always care for other´s necessities before mines.