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The title for this dissertation is “A Country – Specific Economic Structural Adjustment Programme (ESAP) Model for the Agricultural Sector —- A Case Study of Zimbabwe”. The researhc seeks to investigate the impact/effects of the structural adjustment programmes on the agricultural production and marketing of sub – Saharan African countries and looking specifically on Zimbabwe. Research objectives: 1. to critically analyse literature on donor community ESAP models specifically relating to agricultural operations in Sub – Saharan Africa and to Zimbabwe in particular. 2. to undertake a comprehensive review and evaluation in order to assess the strategic and operational results of ESAP models described in(1) above and applied to Zimbabwe”s agricultural sector. 3. on the basis of the analysis in (2) to propose a more effecftive Zimbabwean – specific model (BETA model) for use in agricultural reform operations, and by extension of relevance to other African countries operating and experiencing similar agriculturla economics and marketing.
Citation style is going to be Harvard.
I have ordered to do chapter 2 of my thesis. This is to cover the literature review or search. I shall be ordering the other chapters (four in number) as we go along. I would like this and all subsequent chapters I will order to start with an introduction.The literature search should relate to agricultural production and marketing.Tables, charts, diagrams etc are required. Examples should be generous. The search should be divided into three sections as detailed below:
(a)International Monetary Fund (IMF)including the Monetary Model and the World Bank(WB). This to cover 29 pages.
i. give brief history of IMF
ii. when and why it was formed
iii. purposes
iv.finncial operations and loan condtions
v.overall lending
vi. political power and loan conditions.
vii. discuss the IMF Monetary Model and show the Model. as an example give values to the Model”s equations of two to three African countries.Why are developed and developing countries using the same Model when their playing fields are very different?
viii. membership
ix.Do the same for the World Bank.
x. Structural Adjustment :Origins and Underlying Forces.
xi.Broadening of Conditionality
xii.Technical Asistance.
xiii. The IMF/WB”s Perspective
Look at economic growth;controlling inflation; promoting the agriculturl sector. For each of these three look at :Macro-economic policy;structural policy;social policy;good governace and participatory development.
xiv.Why do structural adjustment programmes work in some sub – Saharan African countries and not in others?
Throught and where appropriate in your literature search give and quote views of organisations against structural adjustment programmes eg Oxfam. END OF IMF/WORLD BANK review.

b.Selected African countries(reason for this is to findout why there are successes and failures, when every country is given the same Model to work from).Summarise how the African countries managed structural adjustment programmes using the IMF Monetary Model. What did they use in the Model and what did they leave out and the consequence of doing so. Good/Successful countries =GHANA, UGANDA and COTE d”VOIRE. Bad/Failures = ZAMBIA,DEMOCRATIC. REPUBLIC of CONGO(ZAIRE).For these countries the literature review should cover: Pre and post – independence period; links of foreign aid and policy reforms; political economy/country background; economic performance; why was reform necessary( give facts and figures eg balance of payment defaults);history of the reform programmes and specific measures; results ie a.institutional — public vs private sectors.(b). balance of payment results. (c)market liberalisation. (d) financial reforms eg removal of subsidies.
Give base stastics covering one year (latest). Measures for ESAP. Amounts received from the day reforms started and the repayments and defaults. The cost to the country concerned. The suffering if any experienced.

C.Zimbabwe (29 pages).Do the same as the six countries above. For Zimbabwe periods should be divide as follows:
1975 to 1980 pre independence
1981 to 1990 post independence
1991 to 2002 reforms and counter reforms.

During the above we do not mention the impact. This should come in later chapters

From the literature review give critical conclusions of agricultural based structural adjustment( 1000words).

Attached is my research design which was approved by my university.

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