TOPIC: Executive compensation…. do these guys deserve such big paydays when they have driven their companies into the bankruptcy?

You are the Editor-in-Chief of a Business Forecast, a prestigious magazine read religiously by Fortune 500 executives. In every month’s issue of Business Forecast, you write a lengthy editorial in the form of a memo to your readers on a subject of your choice that affects business or society. As is true of any editorial, you are arguing a position. Your primary objectives are to convince your readers that your argument has merit and that your editorial explores the subject in sufficient depth. Your editorial should be well-supported and strong enough that it withstands an opponent’s counterattack.

Research the topic you have selected. You want to make sure that your argument has depth and the only way to do this is to perform sufficient research to give you a suitable amount of knowledge on the subject.

Analyze, evaluate and then present your arguments. Keep in mind the principles of good writing. Present your findings persuasively, in a way that’s appropriate for the audience. And, remember…as I read your editorial, I will be keeping Browne & Keeley’s Asking the Right Questions in mind and will be looking for the following:
? Are the issue and the conclusion clear?
? Are the reasons sound?
? Have you used any ambiguous words or phrases?
? Do you fall into the trap of making value or descriptive assumptions?
? Have you made any fallacies in your reasoning?
? Is your evidence strong?
? Have you caught all rival causes?
? Are your statistics strong or deceptive?
? Have you omitted any significant information?
? Have you discussed all reasonable conclusions?

Length: Your critique should be in memo format (generically addressed to your readers), 6 pages, double-spaced

My Opinion: Please make sure the editorial is really well-supported and strong enough that it withstands an opponent’s counterattack. My Professor is very picky. Once he caught the weaknesses, he will keep attacking them.