“The details are not the details. They make the design.”
??”Charles Eames

-The following questions are not to be answered one after the other, as separate paragraphs with no relationship with each other.
-Think of these questions as guidelines for your discussion.
-However, be sure to explore all these topics in your research paper.

The length of your essay should be between 500 and 800 words.
What counts is how well you express your personal point of view.

1-Who is the author of this quote?
Include the country of birth, the date, the political or cultural context.

2-What does the quote means?
Explain what the author meant to say, and how it relates to his work.

3-How would you say it in your own words?
Try to paraphrase the quote, using contemporary language. How would people express the same idea today? Maybe they’d send a tweet? Take a picture? Make a joke?

4-In what way does this quote relate to the work of its author?
What specific work or situation does it refer to? Can you show a couple of images that help understand what the author was talking about?

5-What do you find most intriguing about this quote?
Does it relate to your experience? Do you agree? Do you think that it’s clever, or inspiring, or funny….?

6-Can you find other artists of the same period who shared a similar view with the author?
Was the author part of a trend ??” or was he on the contrary in reaction against conventional thinking?