Choose an ‘Australian Business’, in this case ‘Qantas Airlines‘ and prepare a Research Report that examines the impact of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) on that business with respect to one of themes discussed by Forster (2010) – strategic management theory (page 31). You can make comparisons with other businesses in the same industry but the essence of your report is to discuss the impact of the GFC on that business (given the industry in which it operates) from the perspective of one of the themes above and make recommendations to the business about about how to respond (deal with) the issues you identify with respect to the theme you have chosen to research and analyse.In the Research Report ? the executive summary; background; and aspects /issues/problems sections are each to be under 150 words. The body of report (discussion); recommendations and implementation plan is to be concisely presented in under 1000 words (maximum).