Report on the different (historical and current) systems, philosophies and approaches to quality management. In the report must

(A) Identify different types of quality system/philosophy/approaches and critically discuss the relative effectiveness of the philosophy, system and approaches

(B) Evaluate the impact of these system/philosophy/approaches may have on innovation, change and competitiveness.

(C) Recommend ( With justification ) actions and organisation of your choice might take to improve its existing quality approach with respect to their impact on innovation, change and competitiveness, and identify any areas that needs further analysis.

(D) As a summary/conclusion, reflect on what you researched for this assignment. Describe how your perception of quality in contexts for OM has altered as a result of this assignment. Outline relevant implications for your current or future practice as a manager.

Guidelines; – In this report, you should make appropriate use of concepts, principles and frameworks from the operations management course topics (Or similar topics from the recommended textbooks, academic journals, case studies)

The structure of this work, writing style and reporting on actions clearly, coherently and competently is a critical part of this work.

Part D should be less than 500 words

PART A, B, C should be around 3000 words

Must have full references all the information used in these answers.