Thesis/Thesis Statement:
Queen Elizabeth the first was not just England’s greates Queen, but it’s greatest ruler.

I will need three specific provable reasons, why my beliefe of the thesis statement is so. These will be the support ideas of the paper. Below you will find specific guidlines on how the paper should be written. Thank you for your help!

The thesis/thesis statement, will allow you to write not only that Queen Elizabeth the first was England’s greatest queen, but it will allow you tow write that she was England’s greatest ruler too. Because England has been ruled not only by different Queen‘s, but by Kings too. Remember that this paper is about “Queen Elizabeth the first”

Instructions for Writing an Argumentative Research Paper

This paper, will be an argumentative research paper, with a thesis. This topic must have a base of academic material and have some social value.

The paper should be at least 3000 words long or between eight to ten double-spaced pages in a size twelve font, not including the Works Cited page. The format should follow MLA guidelines.

For this paper, I must have 8 works cited; three of them must be academic journals and one a book, the rest are your choice. However, remember to evaluate your sources using the criteria you established while evaluating a web cite and an article. From these sources you may have only two quotations. The other citations should be paraphrases or summaries. Remember that you must identify all sources that you use and give the page number in the body of the text.

For this paper, develop a thesis and three supporting ideas. Then prove your supporting idea with your three sources. Each support idea should be proven by at least two academic sources. Other sources might be statistics, testimonies, surveys, or interviews. You may also use personal testimonies.

Proving your support idea.
Introduce the discussion of each support idea, by using a transition, repeating your thesis, and giving the support idea you will discuss.
Explain in your own words the supporting idea.
Use sources to prove your idea. Start with your two academic sources, then use statistics, surveys, interviews, charts, and testimonies that can be your own personal story or one you read in a magazine or newspaper.

Needed Criteria for this paper
1. The thesis should be clear, concise, and direct.
2. Support ideas should be convincing to a skeptical reader.
3. You must prove your support ideas with academic sources.
4. Do not use more than two quotations; use eight sources.
5. Transition from one supporting idea to another by repeating your thesis and using a transition word like next, second, last.
6. Correct MLA format in-text and in Works Cited page.
7. Correct grammar and punctuation.
8. No contractions are to be used in this paper.
9. Percise termanology, information, and source ideas must be provided in this research paper.

Therefore, any of your ideas which are merely presenting facts, will not be acceptable. However, sometimes certain and specific topics can be arguable, but be sure you are able to find written oppositions to the idea.

Thank you again for the work and research you will be putting into this research paper!

Michael C.