Quantitative Research Critique (30%)

the article that must be used is from AJN Sept. 2006,
Vol. 106 No. 8

Title: Effects On nursing rounds

Select a quantitative nursing research study and submit for approval by Professor Bryer.
Address the following topics in a 5-7 page written critique:

Introduction (5%)
• Did the author give details about the problem being addressed?
• Is the current state of the problem clearly delineated?
Purpose and Significance (10%)
• What is the research question?
• What is the stated significance of the problem?
Review of the Literature (20%)
• Did the author use primary recent research studies?
• Was the literature review thorough and comprehensive?
• Was the author clear about what is known and not known about the problem/question?
Ethical Considerations (10%)
• Who were the participants?
• How were their rights protected?
Method and Analysis (20%)
• What research design was used for the study?
• What are the dependent and independent variables?
• What is the hypothesis?
• What methods are used to analyze the data?
Findings/Conclusions and Implications (20%)
• What were the findings of the study?
• What were the strengths and limitations of the study?
• What knowledge was gained?
• How are the findings applicable to nursing practice?

This critique must be written in APA format with appropriate citations and references (15%). Be sure to critique the article. Do not repeat what the author has already stated.
DUE DATE: 4/10/09

Article must be used: Effects of Nursing Rounds From AJN September 2006 Vol.106, No 9

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