Any ideas on how to implement graphic design quality assurance guidelines into the corporate arena?

I am a graphic designer in an engineering and architectual firm, using Quark & Photoshop software to create proposals, proposal covers, invitations, product brochures, etc. within corporate guidelines without a lot of flexibility for creativity. We usually have an approximate 2-day turn-around for projects — meaning everything is rushed and errors occassionally occur.

Currently we have our work proofread for grammatical and technical accuracy and the final product is approved by the client prior to printing/production. Personally, our current system has been working fine – but anal supervisor is seeking additional information on implementing quality assurance in graphic design projects and I have been asked to submit such information.

I am a skilled graphic designer (not a trained quality control officer) seeking information on quality assurance for graphic design projects. Perhaps you can mention the hiring of an actual quality control officer with associated salary, etc. in the Kansas City area.

My goal is to simply submit some research or ideas pertaining to quality control in graphic design to ensure that I complied with my anal supervisor’s request.