Quality ControlGroup Project
(Fundamental of statistics, Data Analysis)

Submission Date:17/11/2013
1. Choose an organization,
2. Think about a process that needs to be improved
3. Working in a team of (2-3), use DMAIC methodology to improve the chosen process (point two above)
4. Think about performance measures that reflects the problem in the process.
5. Through the knowledge gained from chapter 4 (fundamentals of statistics), try to use different analysis measures to reflect and analyse the problem
6. Write a short report (15 pages ? 2 pages)
? Introduction about the organization
? Defining the problem
? Tool used for data collection in connection with DMAIC methodology for problem solving.
? Analysis of data gathered (measures of central tendency and measures of dispersion, charts, histograms, etc.)
? Conclusions and recommendations for improvement
7. Provide as an appendix your survey or interview questions if used for data collection. Make sure that you design the questions that will provide you with answers to your queries and main objective of the study.
Mark Distribution:
Defining the problem 3 Marks
(Tools? design and data analysis) in connection to DMAIC6 Marks
Conclusion and recommendation 1
Be Creative and Good Luck