Select any real-life project and construct the project management life cycle from its conception to closure. It need not be a massive project but should have some interesting or unique aspects to it.

Your report should include (but not limited to) the following elements:

? Project scope and definition
? Business case for the project including cost budget
? The project team structure and leadership criteria
? Project planning and scheduling process including
o A Work Breakdown Structure down to at least 3 levels
o A network diagram depicting 20-30 activities
? Stakeholder mapping and issues
? Monitoring and controlling the project including change management procedures
? The software project management and information systems used and why
? What would be involved in project closure and the content of final report
? Recommendations for similar future projects

It is accepted that you may not have full knowledge of the project details. Therefore you are required to state your assumptions and to justify them. You are also expected to support your practical application with the relevant theoretical underpinning. Avoid just describing your project; ensure that there is a critical appreciation of the issues involved.

It should include the following too, diagrams and charts to be used where ever applicable.

Executive summary
Project outline and scope
Work Breakdown Structure
Cost Estimate and cash flow
Project organisation structure and leadership
Project software & system integration
Network diagram
Monitoring and control
Project closure


(You can chose any project throughout the world, but as asked in the above question but it should be unique or should have some interesting aspect in it. The referencing style must be HArvad and the more from the latest journals are, the better it is. A weak answer is one that is mainly descriptive and a strong answer will depict a flow of argument that is focused and supported by the use of practical examples.

The theories and concepts and the references should have linkages to the selected project. They must demonstrate the ability to apply theory to the case and to explain its relevance.)

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