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Poetry has many different shapes and sizes; they also have their own individual time and style. There are poems with very short lines like those written by Emily Dickinson from the Victorian ages and then there are poems with very long lines like those written by Walt Whitman in the new America. Whitman has inspired many poets, one of them being the African American poet Langston Hughes. Hughes time was well after slavery was abolished in the United States; his poetry consisted mostly of how life was for African Americans in America. Just like Walt Whitman, he wrote about equality and democracy for all in poems such as I Too Sing America and Let America Be AmericaAgain. What makes Hughes such a distinct poet is his form of poetry; his poems are what is called Jazz Poetry.
Jazz poetry is different from other types of poetry and might even be considered a form of free verse. Jazz poetry consists of lines that one can hear and that rhyme in such a way that it can almost be lyrics to a jazz song or a response to one. Langston?s poem The Weary Blues is a poem in response to a jazz song, ?I heard a Negro play. Down on Lenox Avenue the other night? it is written so that the reader knows he is talking about the singer?s expressed trouble in his life.
?Got the Weary Blues
And can’t be satisfied?
I ain’t happy no mo’
And I wish that I had died.”

Jazz was a way of letting African Americans express themselves in times where they weren?t allowed and in which they were still much oppressed even after the civil war that had ended slavery. ?It is from this choral and compositional tradition of black music that emerged after the Civil War that black musical theater came into being in the 1890s?(Wynton Marsalis, musician. On a slave’s need for improvisation, Audio Excerpt from JAZZ A Film by Ken Burns.) This type of poetry was like an outlet to the unfair treatment of the African Americans. Hughes mentions Whitman as one of his major influences and one can surely see why. Whitman?s poems were long, rhythmic pieces in which he spoke about equality and showed the real motives behind democracy. Jazz and of course Jazz poetry is linked directly to this notion of equality and democracy. It was a way for those slaves to express themselves and to keep their culture and religion in a place where their freedom was robbed from them.