Question 1.Explain the key elements in a performance management process, and discuss why a well designed performance management system is important for both the employee and the organization. (1200 words)

Question 2.Discuss four methods for performance evaluation and their pros and cons. Provide an example of a job to illustrate each method you discuss. (1200 words)


Please refer to textbook material provided in order to answer this order. Additional readings and supplementary materials will also be provided.

Please structure your order in two main parts: question 1; and question 2. You may have further subheadings if you wish, especially in Q2 with the various methods.

You should devote approximately 1200 words to answering each question. Please note that you do not need to provide an introduction or conclusion. You do not need to provide an abstract.

You can provide any supplementary material in an appendix if relevant, but please do not use this as a means of providing vital information specific to answering the question.

It is essential that you use references (at least three sources) to support your discussion. Failure to do so may result in a fail mark for the assignment. The topic notes do not count as a reference source. Please do not use Wikipedia ??” only use reliable sources.

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