This assignment will require you to design a hypothetical qualitativestudy within the subfields of Communication Studies (Interpersonal Communication, Language and Social Interaction, Organizational Communication, Intercultural Communication, Media and Cultural Studies, and so on.) An example of a particular study would be the rave scene building on a collective identity through its participants.
Based on the following discussing narrative, phenomenological, grounded theory, ethnographic, and case study approaches, you are expected to select one approach among these five qualitative approaches as your research method. In this proposal, you will need to specifically address the following:
1. What is the issue/problem/phenomenon you plan to investigate?
2. What makes this issue important?
3. What are the main claims of previous studies concerning this issue (literature review)? Any gaps left out by these previous studies?
4. What are your research questions?
5. What research method do you adopt?
6. How do you collect your data (that is, how do you plan to secure the site and/or recruit participants)?
7. How do you plan to analyze your data?