My Research Topic and what I am arguing…

1. Death Penalty: Do they deserve to die?
2. In my reasearch paper, i will argue that the Death Penalty is a just punishment for an offender for a prisoner convicted of a capitol punishment. Prisoners should not be allowed to sit on death row for 10, 20, years before being executed.
3. I chose this topic because this is a very controversial subject for me. Every morning when I turn on the television, I hear about a murder that has taken place in the City of New Orleans. The people that are committing these crimes have no respect for human life. Families are losing loved once because of ignorance. In some cases, the offenders of these crimes are never caught by police and brought to justice, and they go on with life committing other crimes. If they are caught, usually they settle for a plea deal and only serve 10 -15 years in jail. Is it fair for me to pay my taxes and support these offenders. In my offenders, the judicial system needs to sentence these offenders accordingly, and the death penalty needs to be enforced. Why are we continuing to build bigger prisons when we have lethal injection?

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