The company is Quantum Technologies

1. Describe your industry

2. Describe your industry in terms of industry life cycle ??” where is it?

3. Describe your product(s)/service(s) life cycle ??” where is it?

4. What are your industry’s dominant economic traits?
>> a. Size of your market space
>> b. Growth rate of your market space
>> c. What is the scope of the competitive rivalry
>> d. How many competitors are there in your market space?
>> e. Who are your top three competitors and why?
>> f. If government or political influences are factors in your market space, add the appropriate force to the Porter model.
>> g. What is the prevalence of backward/forward integration in your market space?
>> h. Detail the entry/exit barriers in your market space
>> i. Describe the nature and pace of technology change in you market space
>> j. What are the product/service characteristics of your market space?
>> k. Who are your customers and what are their characteristics?
>> l. What are the capacity utilization and resource requirements in your industry?
>> m. Characterize industry profitability.
>> n. Where is your company on the experience curve ??” same question for your top three competitors in your market space?