All exams will be in essay format. When answering the essay questions the student is not to simply regurgitate facts. The student instead must provide a careful analysis of the facts. (two pages per essay question).

Compare and contrast the historical use of opium in China with that of the United States after the Civil War? Provide an analysis as to how the early problems with opiates influenced the drug problems of the 1970s world wide.

Discuss the effects that marijuana has on the human system. Applying that information to the present debate on legalization identify and discuss four points for why you feel marijuana just or should not be legalized for recreational use.

Considering the magnitude of the worldwide illicit drug trade and its impact on the United States, take a position on American enforcement policy in the world. Analyze the impact that American drug enforcement has had on the international drug trade. Has it been effective?

What method of treating a long term abuser of narcotics would be most effective to helping the addict reach recovery?