Want help in preparing the Statement of Purpose so that an application can be made for Masters program in Engineering with specialisation in Industril Engineering

The statement of Purpose can be divided in the following way

-Currently doing Chemical engineering, so would appreciate a first paragraph, a real fascinating and innovative one on how and why did engineering and especially chemical engineering fascinated me

– Growth in Engineering years – what was learnt and how did the technical traits develop, talk about chemical engineering traits and undergradaute subjects

– Talk about turning point through seminar, webinar or reading an article and how did interest in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research take place

– What did I like about Industrial Engineering and why would I like to do Industrial Engineering and future applications of what I can achieve through Indsutrial Engineering

-Highlighting the other part of personality through participation in extra- curricular, co-curricular, social and sports activites

-Reasons for choosing USA for Masters studies and reasons for selecting a particular school in USA