Comparison of the Social Sciences: This paper should be aimed at a critical comparison between the human behavior disciplines of anthropology, psychology, and sociology. The paper should include empirical research from scientific sources. The paper should emphasize the importance of cultural diversity and reflect the values of Respect and Community for people of other cultures. The paper must be written in APA style.

Research Paper Requirements:
The research paper should include a minimum of 7-pages of text (double-spaced .11 point font with 1-inch margins), a Title page and a Reference page. Your paper needs to conform to APA Style regarding text citations and the reference page. Direct quotes are not to exceed 15% of the paper.

Must include at least 8 references of which four are book and four are academic journal articles. These references must be scientific journal articles and books. Articles from recognized scientific journals that may be accessed on the internet are acceptable. No more than half of the references can be from Internet websites. Do not use magazines such as People, Psychology Today, books such as Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus or websites such as Wikipedia or