Hi! here are some important details about this research paper:
Pages should be double-spaced, 12 -space font, Times New Roman We are using parenthetical or in-text citation.NO FOOTNOTES!!!! Do not over quote!
“works cited” page should be in alphabetical order and single-spaced. All sources are books or articles , no web pages!!! In statistical data all books OR ARTICLES ARE after 2005! Any numbers,names,data,should be cited.No plagiarism, paraphrase is possible,but limited.Do not put a lot of statistical information.This paper is not suppose to be all the numbers or data, more as a problematic research.Our teacher like exact structure.The thesis should be clear. Please,for sources make sure that pages YOU CITED are real, because the teacher is very detailed, he will check every single citation.We are a few in the class.I prefer out of 6 sources: articles -4, the rest- books. They could be found in Brooklyn CUNY database or Brooklyn Public library. MLA format is a must for citations!
Topic: Issues of global overpopulation and food supply: can we feed the world? The teacher gave us a general topic: Global Overpopulation-impact and predictions,but suggested to pick up a specific topic.So I picked up food supply and overpopulation in the world in general, not USA.You can give me the new title for the research paper, which could be more up to date, but within the global overpopulation and problem “can we feed the world” or “Will we run out of food?”